Dear bowlers and participants, From this moment on the section for registration of Sofia International’s website is available and working properly! Anyone who would like to make a registration can now do so in the free series or the waiting lists. We are still having a slight issue with the exact order of the competitors in the waiting lists, but by the end of this week this will too be resolved. The participants that will have priority in the ordering of the waiting lists will be those that have the fewest amounts of spots reserved and after that priority goes to the earlier date of registration. We would like to inform you that because of the huge amount of interest in the tournament we have added and made available 3 extra squads! They are as follows: Tuesday – 21:30 pm Friday – 01:00 am Saturday – 01:00 am Anybody who would like to sign up for these, regardless of the amount of spots reserved so far can register for a spot in these! In the case that a problem arises with Your registration process, please contact us via the contact section of the official website or at the following e-mail: