Sofia International Open 2020

Dear participants and friends of Sofia International Open, we are in the unpleasant situation to announce the cancellation of this year’s SIO. The only reason of course is Covid-19 virus. Until this week, we were ready to run the event, since from the beginning our intention has been to organize the event this October. We actually did all the standard preparations, like we do every year… However, by monitoring the spread of Covid virus, communicating with local authorities and other international organizations, we have come to the conclusion that if we did go ahead, the event would not be the same experience both for the bowlers and the audience. Moreover, many international players still they have not start bowling in the own countries and will also have difficulty to travel due to government restrictions. So we have decided to cancel the event for this year only.Having said that, we also clearly announce that we are dedicated in developing the sport and we already had a meeting with our tournament partner, Sivissidis, to plan the event in October 2021, and the date will be announced soon. You all stay safe and see you again in 2021.